Mission Small Business

Empowering small business through the tools of the enterprise.

Knowledge is Power

Notice information. Notice what information is being collected, how much information is actually used, and understand the data already empowering your business. The gap between the data collection and what is actually leveraged should be realized as the currently recognizable potential of your business right now.

It’s Your Process

The need to collect data happens when something occurs and it has been anticipated as important. With business, those needs surround work flow. It is action oriented. It is involved in what you do.

Take It Where You Want To Go

Taking it where you want to go is only possible if the business is in control. Any implemented I.T. solution will compromise the abilities of a business to stay in control if the business cannot execute necessary change to process when the need arises. This is because process involves work flow.

The need to control and implement change is constant. Today, the marketplace is a fast changing world of devices. Not only are consumers craving data to consume, consumers are increasingly expecting a business to give them data to consume. Small business, the kind of business operating out of a truck with a trailer full of equipment, is struggling to keep up with the expectations of the marketplace.

Enter Washington Lawns:

This is the UGC laboratory, and the business we currently do business as.

It is here we are taking these ideals and beginning to introduce small business to itself. UGC connects groups of people who would otherwise not come into contact with one another. We are IT professionals who work directly in contracting, conducting research, and creating researchers out of the small business person as well. By getting involved directly, even physically, in the work, UGC can build a valuable relationship with the business owner and empower their small business with the tools of the enterprise.

To accomplish our goal, we are building a 100% “fit the needs of Washington Lawns” Solution. This effort is meant to be duplicated with other landscapers and eventually expanded to work with different kinds of contractors. In fact, UGC is already working with other landscaping companies to make sure the contractor stays in charge of their business. One process contractors face all the time is the need to work with a subcontractor. UGC believes this need indicates data needing to be socialized, sharing information independently to effect a positive change for both parties involved.

There is still a great deal to do. UGC knows what challenges lay ahead and we are eager to create solutions for the independent